Subject: INTJ INFP
Posted on: 2022-11-15 20:20:52 UTC

I haven't taken this test in many years, but IIRC this hasn't changed much. I came up less introverted than expected, though, which is interesting. Possibly I've become more self-aware about when and how I like to interact with people? (In focused ways, directed toward a goal, usually. "Hanging out" and "just chatting" are somewhat alien concepts.)

I also find it interesting that my T and J scores are just 55% and 52%, respectively. I wonder if they'd flip if I took the test another day.

(ETA: Yeah, I read the description for INFP, and that sounds way more like me. ^_^; I try to be rational and organized, though...)

... And the fifth category, Identity, comes up 85% Turbulent. This does not surprise me.

About INTJ

I might come back and run this for my agents later.


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