Subject: My agents
Posted on: 2022-11-16 19:21:35 UTC

Nume comes up INTJ-A, and strongly so: his lowest score is 68% Intuitive. That said, him coming up Intuitive tracks, though it may seem surprising. He works hard to stay grounded in the here and now rather than getting swept up in overly vivid memories, but it's no accident that he's a fantasy/sci-fi nerd instead of a math/computer nerd.

Ilraen has consistently been the most difficult for me to get to "show up" on the page, and his ISFJ-A result suits him, right down to being quiet and polite by default. I'm a little surprised he came up more Assertive than Turbulent, but then I was answering more for how he is now than how he was in the beginning, so, yeah!

Jenni is ENFP-A, but her Feeling/Thinking score is 50% on the dot and she's only 57% Prospecting over Judging. She has the experience to know when to follow her head rather than her heart and when it's better to have a plan than to wing it (though she's pretty sure winging it will turn out fine, she'll figure it out).

Derik is ESFJ-T, but not so hidebound as the description suggests. He grew up in a society undergoing a massive shift in its way of life, and he learned the value of embracing new ideas (while not rejecting tradition out of hand). Demonstrate that a new idea has practical value, and he'll support it.

Gall is ESTP-A, aptly called the Entrepreneur. I don't have anything to add here; the description is pretty accurate for her.

I think it's interesting to note that each set of partners has two traits in common and two in contrast. Which ones they are accurately capture their dynamics, too. Pretty cool!


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