Subject: Don't really have the time to go through all my characters, but:
Posted on: 2022-11-22 00:48:05 UTC

I got INTJ: Mastermind, which immediately feels incredibly wrong. The only things I'm "master" of is obsessing over tree branches and the order I\m allowed to read books in! The specific break-downs:
Mind: 100% introverted. That one tracks!
Energy: 53% intuitive, 47% observational. I guess an even split between reading details and imagining scenarios fits fine, though I would have thought I was more observational.
Nature: 63% thinking, 38% feeling. Would have though I was much, much heavier into thinking. Also, I guess they're rounding up fractions on some of these numbers? Because this is 101% total here.
Tactics: 66% judging, 34% prospecting. But I've never been a judge or prospector! I don't really know what this means, to be honest.
Identity: 62% assertive, 38% turbulent. Wouldn't the opposite of assertiveness be submissiveness? Whatever, either "assertive" nor "turbulent" are words I would ever associate myself with in the first place. I'm the quiet, shy boy!

"INTJs make up less than 2.1% of the population and are the third rarest personality type."
Gosh, at the start of that sentence, I was getting ready to make a joke about how rare I am, but it's only in third place at 2.1%? There must be two very common personality types, and then a bunch of little ones. Man, it's like the Safari Zones!

Reading further: okay, I do like "architect" a lot better than "mastermind." "Architect" works for both writing and decorating exhibits, in my life. I do enjoy learning as well, and have binged my way through multiple hour+ video essays on YouTube (although my actual book reading trends fictional rather than non-fictional, of course). I'm still not sure about it tagging me as more intuitive than observational; I'm more inclined to work with what I have on hand than to try to change things to suit me better, although I do dig this one paragraph about not feeling bound by tradition, too. I guess I rebel more against abstract limitations, while accepting the physical ones? It does seem to have my work ethic down pat, though. The only way to get something done is to do it, and there's nowhere to go but forwards!

Oh, a weakness section! How exciting! I definitely have a perfectionism issue; one of my coworkers has described me as "hard on myself." And I seem to have literally been born with it; my parents say that I frightened them around age 2/3 because if I made a mistake on a connect-the-dots page, i would start screaming at myself . . . Tee hee! Very normal child! Fortunately, I aim it entirely inwards, and take conscious effort not to micromanage the people around me. I vibe with the "not caring what others think of me" part as well, though I'm definitely lacking in social skills and conversational ability, too. I think I mostly dodge the overconfidence issue, both by not really thinking much of myself, and not trying to exit my own wheelhouses very often. I just do what I do, and I'm good enough at it! It also says we can be cold . . . I might come across that way, but I was heavily bullied as a kid, so it takes me a while to feel safe enough around people to start being open with them.

This next section says INTJs are good at detecting manipulation, but I think I got passed over on that point. Because I only look at the world as a series of tasks to be performed for outward good and no personal gain, I've definitely had situations where I got blindsided by ulterior motives, simply because my mind doesn't think to look for such motives. "INTJs are judges, so they like their living environment to be fairly tidy and ordered." doctorlit looks at his "filing system" covering half the office floor. Well, it's not tidy, but it is ordered! "INTJs tend to stay away from work that is purely hands-on: their love of theory, analysis, and ideas means they may get bored in a physical trade. INTJs gravitate towards jobs that give them autonomy and allow them to solve complex problems." Zookeeping fits the second sentence, but contradicts the first! "Like all introverts, INTJs do best in a quiet environment where they can really concentrate on the task at hand." Aaaaaaahhhhhhh yeeeeeeees it sings to me!

—But whatever, doctorlit doesn't put much stock in delineating personality into boxes anyway.

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