Subject: Welcome to the PPC Posting Pastry Board!
Posted on: 2022-11-17 12:50:54 UTC

I've been thinking about this probably more than I should. XD I suppose there are two ways to interpret the prompt. 1. What kind of baked good is the agent's favourite? and 2. What kind of baked good best represents the agent's personality?

I don't think Blank is fussy on what baked goods she eats. Food is fuel to her and anything tasty goes down a treat. She might be any type of massproduced snack cake that's cheap and easy, even better if it's individually wrapped for convenience. It's definitely quantity over quality with Blank; she'd prefer a box of Twinkies over a posh little French pastry any day of the week. That being said, if I got the chance to like... design a dessert to represent her best I might go for some sort of white chocolate dome to represent her colouring and the shell she puts up, perhaps tempered with something unexpected like salmiak powder to offset the sweetness of the chocolate and make it angrier. Blank carries an awful lot of anger. The cake base would be similar in profile but not as intense, because if you find the right angle with Blank you can have an actual conversation with her without her walls being put up, so it would be sweeter, maybe with some almond flour for texture. The filling would be raspberry mousse, tart and not too sweet. I detest salty licorice, but it's very common to pair it with raspberry so it's a combination that works. Maybe I'd decorate the dome with a little white chocolate rainbow, which obviously represents Blank being gay but mainly her desire to display a lot of colour.

....You know, based on this it feels like I should have as much of a think about Moira's pastry. Cinnamon roll is still good for her, though. She's a people pleaser and would want to be liked by as many as possible, and I would assume most people like a good cinnamon roll. A proper Swedish kanelbulle doesn't have icing on it, but pearl sugar, and are baked with cardamom in the dough. I think that would give Moira a bit more dimension and crunch!


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