Subject: INFJ for myself
Posted on: 2022-11-16 18:16:37 UTC

I have taken a similar quiz before with slightly different results (but always, always very introverted), so it does matter a great deal what kind of questions one gets. People tend to be more complicated than that, but it's not a bad thing when considering characters and dynamics between them. The Counselor fits me well enough. I definitely recognise traits like "perfectionist" (working on that) and "conflict-avoidant". But yeah, it's not a perfect description. These things never are.

I did the test for Moira and she got ENFP - The Champion, which I thought suited her pretty well. She is certainly more extroverted than I am, and absolutely more emotional and approval-seeking. (My precious, sensitive little cinnamon roll.) I liked seeing that suggested suitable careers for her are in teaching, social work or counseling. And also Musical Performer, now that is certainly interesting

In doing the quiz for Blank I notice that she would answer the questions with a lot more cerrtainty than Moira or myself. A lot more are either Strongly Disagree or Strongly Agree, there is a lot less ambiguity. I also chuckled at the question You use logic more than your emotions when you make decisions because while I think that Blank makes a lot of decisions on emotion, she is under the impression that all her choices are extremely logical all the time, thank you very much. She got ISTJ - The Logistician. That is... incredible. She is the direct opposite of Moira in every single aspect. XD Not so sure I agree with the conclusions, but I think Blank would.

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