Subject: Since I currently have 7 agents, I'll introduce chunks at a time
Posted on: 2022-11-17 14:12:35 UTC

As established in this interlude, Kaguya likes anything autumn-flavored – mainly to reflect the fact he's named after Lady Kaguya, a folklore character from the moon. That means chestnuts, sweet potatoes, ripe apples, persimmons, maybe even pumpkin. He's also a tea ceremonist, which means he would have had ample experience in traditional Japanese tea treats. As for a sweet that represents him, I keep associating him with monaka (sandwich rice wafers usually with red bean paste filling) for some reason.

Momoka's name means "peach flower" and is named after Momotarō, thus I imagine her sweet (both criteria) to be either something peach-based, or kibi-dango (millet cakes), the favorite food of the folklore character. Oh look what I found: Kibi-dango made from white peach jam, with Momotarō characters drawn on the packaging. My life is complete.

(may be continued)

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