Subject: Who even knows at this point?
Posted on: 2022-11-19 23:15:34 UTC

Last I heard - and it's been a few hours - he's tried to pull his American-style "agree to this or you're fired" thing in Europe, where that is highly illegal. The man's not going to have any employees or money left if he keeps this up.

I've been on Twitter for five years or so. It's probably my biggest online space - I don't really use Facebook, and other than that I have the Board and another, even quieter forum. I've found a lot of cool things through Twitter - two you can easily look up are "Dragons of Wales", and Oliver Darkshire's "Once Upon a Tome" [sic].

If Twitter goes, I won't be moving anywhere else; I'll just drop back into the silence I've held since the end of Livejournal. So I'd really rather it stayed a while longer.


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