Subject: That makes sense, but I think it's a bit more complicated than that.
Posted on: 2022-12-04 06:16:22 UTC

I interpret Elon as being entirely 100% dead serious about how utterly idiotic he is all of the time, because... he hasn't really given me any reason to think otherwise? His ill-advised changes to Twitter Verification, his firing of 75% of the workforce and then begging them to come back when he couldn't understand the system, his banning of anyone who huwt his feewings, his Tweets, this whole Twitter deal, his particular style of grandstanding... the pile of mistakes is just too high to read as anything less than pure sincere stupidity to me. Plus, if he can have fans then it's totally plausible that he can be just as irrational as them. So I do think he seriously thought he'd be able to change the rules of social media, to defy political correctness and show those woke moralists who'll cancel who -- in other words, "If Elon thinks that this speech should be on the platform, he will allow it. If he doesn't think so

The problem with this is that Elon is a businessman first. His goal in running Twitter is to make money, and since he keeps insisting to the world (and his shareholders) that he can "make Twitter profitable" he's going to be forced into profitable policies whether he likes it or not. And those policies are probably going to look a lot like the previous Twitter administration, because they knew from years of experience what they were doing. Capitalism is just so powerful a system that even the people on top are forced into its trends because they are still playing the same game by the same rules with the same objective: Crush the opposition and grow at all costs.

It's... kind of sad, honestly. I have negative sympathy for the guy who unbanned Donald Trump but the knowledge that even the people at the top can't escape the soul-crushing, individuality-erasing, personality-greyifying effects of capitalism is disturbing. Maybe one day people won't have to live under so irrational a system.

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