Subject: You haven’t really demonstrated anything.
Posted on: 2022-12-10 15:29:20 UTC

You’ve stated your view of why Elon bought Twitter, and your prediction of it failing. But, frankly, I don’t see how you can prove that without a time machine. You’re entitled to your own views. But I don’t believe they constitute proof as such.

And, yes, that is a interesting point that Chomsky and Herman make. However, I very much disagree with their assertion that corporations are generally conservative. While that may have been true(r) in 1988, it is definitely not so today.

However, journalistic sites that, instead of having advertisers, have a paywall are not likely to be affected by such bias.

I do have a counterargument: namely that when companies and consumers have the same values, they can cooperate to that end in a way that is still profitable for that company. For example, consumers who are willing to buy more expensive products that are environmentally friendly, whether that be buying organic or going for products with zero carbon footprint.


PS: How close is that mission I beta’d to being done?

PPS: The link on your Discord profile is broken.

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