Subject: So it seems that Musk DOES understand that free speech has limits... (tw: anti-semitism)
Posted on: 2022-12-02 13:46:45 UTC

Given that he just suspended Kanye West for inciting violence.

I agree totally with this move. Kanye has been seemingly searching for deeper and deeper ends to go off of, and recently praised and defended someone he really shouldn't have (tw: super anti-semitism. Like, massive massive anti-semitism. Just... don't click this unless you really want to, okay?). But... if people have to push to the point of defending THAT to get suspended, then you're being too lenient. Donald Trump also incited racist violence with his Jan 6th stunt, and Elon reinstated him all the same. He's also reinstated known misinformation spreaders like Jordan Peterson in the name of fairness (to whom, might I ask).

So, the lesson is just because someone isn't cartoonishly, mustache-twirlingly evil with no standards whatsoever doesn't mean they're not evil.

...also the replies to Elon's tweet are seriously defending Kanye's right to not be suspended over this and claiming that this is some sort of threat to free speech. Like, I can think of two reasons you'd consider Kanye's words to fall under free speech protection. The first is that you're stupid. The second is that you agree.

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