Subject: The interesting thing is... (cw: general awfulness)
Posted on: 2022-11-20 00:37:34 UTC's not out of jealousy or spite. Elon LOVES Twitter, posts on it every day, that's where most of his bootlickers worship. He's destroying the site because he's just that incompetent. He was confident that the creator of Tesla and SpaceX who totally made all that money by himself with Super Business Genius would make the site infinitely better, then fired 50% of Twitter's contract employees because he didn't understand what they did (as well as people who criticize him) and told the others to "go hardcore". Oh yeah, and he reinstated the Babylon Bee and Jordan Peterson, because freeze peach is when people can harass and bully minorities into silence but not when you can criticize the Chief Twit.

This incident would have entirely destroyed the myth of the billionaire (or at least Elon) as visionary genius if there were any justice in the world. From what I understand Elon was never as visionary as he claimed to be (even beyond the normal parameters of CEOs taking credit for workers' labor) but this is stupidity on a wider scale than he's ever demonstrated. Not to mention the sheer callousness he's showing Twitter employees, although I guess his simps don't care about them because they're edgy little monsters who hate Twitter and everyone who works there for the crime of shutting down online misinformation that aligns with their views.

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