Subject: Musk is claiming this is "the will of the people" because of the Twitter poll he did.
Posted on: 2022-11-20 23:36:55 UTC

Said Twitter poll happened to be on his account, which not everyone is following (particularly anti-capitalists, people who aren't cishet white men, and people who are at risk from his selective application of freeze peach) and thus not everyone would know about until it was over. Imagine if your country held an election for mayor but didn't tell anyone so the people who knew in advance were the ones who got to choose what happened? It's like that, except Musk knowingly put the poll on an account he knows is followed by people who agree with him (instead of notifying everyone on the site about decisions that would affect them) and it's absolutely disingenuous.

...either that or he seriously thinks his Twitter audience is "the people." Which could very well be the case. He's not known for his grip on reality.

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