Subject: There is that.
Posted on: 2022-11-21 00:31:39 UTC

I understand they were also holding Musk to a deal he tried (illegally?) to back out of, which I more or less approve of. But it still boils down to $$$$.

And I think the whole thing speaks to the problem of companies being beholden to their shareholders over their consumers, quality standards, and moral/ethical standards. I'm sure there's a good-faith debate to be had about how much of a problem it is in general, but this particular case has undoubtedly been a disaster for anyone who didn't get a piece of Musk's money at the outset, which is a great many more people than those who did and happens to include Musk himself. I doubt if he's getting that 44 billion back, at least not from Twitter.

... I wish I remembered how to find a video I watched recently discussing how the measure of economic success has been reduced to "line goes up!" in the stock market. It was an interesting video, and I think relevant.


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