Subject: re: Quirrell's teaching
Posted on: 2023-01-09 02:13:32 UTC

I've always had it in my head he was at least decently competent; Voldemort instructed Barty Crouch Jr. to actually teach Harry how to fight, so that they could duel together at the end of year. He may have given Quirrell similar instructions during year one. But it does get complicated. As you said, it wasn't Quirrell's main topic of expertise, and since Harry was a first-year at the time, it was probably a lot of basic groundwork and theory, a lot like Umbridge's version of the class. And your version of Quirrell didn't even have Voldemort inside his head to instruct him at all . . . Yeah, it's tricky! : (

—doctorlit has forgotten more of the Potterverse than he realized . . .

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