Subject: re: remember remember the sixth . . . chapter
Posted on: 2023-01-12 14:44:04 UTC

Another, missing student from the past? Could that be Myrtle again? She is Muggleborn. And if she’s still considered a missing person, that would mean she didn’t even come back as a ghost this time . . . Man, Myrtle can’t catch a break in any timeline, it seems! I have to say, Lily, I can’t make heads or tails of the mystery this year. (Not that I saw the finale of Chamber of Secrets coming, either.) Actually, it doesn’t feel to me like Myrtle/the other victim is even related, since she went missing, rather than having her hair and magic removed. I’m calling red herring on that one! My brain wants to blame Lockhart, but I feel like that’s too easy, and he was only a secondary antagonist in canon anyway. (He again appears as a legit authority figure in this chapter, so he feels even less threatening than he did in canon.) Dobby said Draco is up to something this year, but I can’t imagine it would involve attacking pureblood witches, especially not one of his oldest friends, as Hermione pointed out. Luna mentioning Astoria being ill piqued my curiosity a bit, but with her aunt being so gung ho about Pureblood culture, I can’t imagine she would attack a pureblood either. The only real clue I can see is that Pansy was subverting cultural norms by wanting to play Quidditch . . . so someone who’s overly invested in maintaining pureblood standards wanted to punish her? OR! Oh my gosh, I forgot . . . Pansy is the one who called out Lockhart’s plagiarism in his class . . . maybe he wanted to silence her? Except I assume there are going to be further victims throughout the year, and I don’t think even Lockhart would be dumb enough to make an accident happen to everyone who challenges the details of his books . . . Hm. You’ve got me stumped, Lily!

Yeah, I have to agree with Luna. Draco is a mean boy, but I feel like the effigy rather pushed the boundaries of what’s appropriate. If only Harry understood the workings of the Ironic Overpower, he would have realized Draco or someone else would end up seeing the effigy. (Dang, Luna would make a great PPC agent, wouldn’t she?) I’m sure Harry and friends will see repercussions over this, and honestly, they should. At the same time, though, I’m glad Harry kept Hermione unaware of what happened with Draco, so she could enjoy her birthday.

—doctorlit has definitely never burned any politicians in effigy, and anything his high school economics teacher says is a flagrant lie

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