Subject: re: chapter eight six seven five three oh nine
Posted on: 2023-01-28 12:56:54 UTC

Oh my gosh, I love that Quirrell and Lockhart are seriously diving into this mystery solving, with Lockhart playing good cop and Quirrell playing the cop-who-really-doesn’t-want-to-do-this-but-can’t-refuse-Dumbledore’s-request-due-to-his-questionable-choices-last-year cop. Poor Quirrell probably could have done a decent job if he was on his own or taking the lead, but of course Lockhart couldn’t allow anyone else in the spotlight. Then again, at least this Quirrell still gets to breathe, so he’s at least ahead of his canon counterpart? Oh, and side note, but I love that Lockhart just dishes out house points left and right for answering basic questions. I bet the hourglasses get way more attention this year, just because Lockhart is throwing random amounts at the board literally every class period . . .

Ha! Draco is slowly acclimating into being Part Of The Friend Group and he doesn’t even notice!

Oh, wow. Myrtle is, uh. Dead after all. And inside a crystal ball? Huh. She doesn’t seem like the type who would have been seeking New Blood initiation, so I wonder why she was even down there in the first place. Honestly, it’s kind of cool to see Myrtle in those flashback scenes, having a friend, pranking students, just running and talking . . . Her character in canon is so one-note (which I know is partly just the mechanics of ghost minds in this universe; she was a sad teen when she died and she can’t emotionally develop further) that it’s nice see her alive, even if just for a few snippets. As for her friend . . . I keep forgetting that important detail that Tom/Marvolo/Voldemort is half-blood himself, and it’s so weird to see him getting bullied by a past Malfoy, knowing how Lucius winds up under the yoke decades later. Losing Myrtle must have been quite a blow to his psyche . . . It’s kind of gross that he’s thrown his lot in with the bullies in the present, considering how he and Myrtle were treated as children. (Side note about Myrtle throwing things at the golden trio, though: I don’t think Potterverse ghosts can interact with solid matter at all? Just liquid and gas?)

Hm. Dobby wanted Harry out of Hogwarts in canon, and enchanted the bludger to attack him. I’m guessing Dobby is responsible for the enchantment this time too, since it went after Draco, and Dobby wants Draco safe? But then . . . would a house-elf be able to convince himself to cause harm to someone in their wizard family through greater good arguments?

Wait, Lavender got dunked on? I can see the “societal transgressions” in the other two victims: unladylike sports for Pansy and voicing equality for Penelope. But if anything, Lavender was being too dedicated to Pureblood customs, by trying to ship her fellow 12-year-olds due to them displaying checks notes completely normal human behavior. So why would the magic thief target her? Are they intentionally trying to point the trail at Harry, and found out about the argument at the Gryffindor table earlier? Or . . . desperately tries to squint past face-blindness I honestly can’t remember, is your Hermione black? If she’s white, I could kind of imagine someone mistaking Lavender for Hermione in the dark, but I find it borderline impossible to tell human faces apart, so I I’m literally incapable of knowing how nonsensical this theory is. Unless Hermione is black in which case it definitely falls apart . . . Unless Lavender is also black . . .

“No one could possibly measure up.” I love this line so much. That “impossible yardstick” is a necessary element of any hierarchy of social control, because without that, there would be no justification for looking down on anyone—and without that, what would be the point of the hierarchy?

—doctorlit had it in his mind that bludgers were just solid wood, but he just looked it up and they’re made of iron?! Like!?!?!? How high is player mortality!!!?!?!!

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