Subject: Yes, this Harry does have a couple differences!
Posted on: 2023-01-14 00:45:57 UTC

In this world he has a closer tie to a Muggleborn—his mother, who Malfoy has also called a Mudblood before, back in first year. Hearing Hermione, his friend, be called the same after all that Hermione sacrificed for the sake of a friendship with Malfoy last year—I think his anger got the best of him again just like with the pudding in the opening chapter. He wanted Hermione to have catharsis and he wanted to hurt Malfoy without actually hurting him. The effigy was his first idea and all his friends ran with it (the Weasley twins especially).

So I do agree that while this might be a little too violent for Canon!Harry, Purityworld!Harry had been dealing with bullshit from the magical world for a year already and he’s lashing out. The optics aren’t great, but I promise that this is going to come back to bite him.

Thanks for reading!

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