Subject: Heaven is a place on... AO3?
Posted on: 2023-01-23 02:17:45 UTC

Well, you know what they say... friendship is magic! ;D

The Tome of Avalon not being as old as it claims it is, as well as being created by people with a vested interest in appearing like the Chosen Elect over the vast majority of mages, as well as containing nothing but just... some guy's belief on how mages came about and what to do about it... it's almost like the Mother Magic-worshipping religion of New Avalon's not actually representative of what actually happened in Arthurian times and is just some creepy cult appropriating some mythology for social control, eh?

Yeah. It's really sad to see kids raised to hate.

Yes, Penelope got to do something for once! And same for Quirrell. I think it's less of him being wiser about grifters and more about Lockhart being annoying and incompetent at investigating, though! Buddy cop blustering Lockhart and Done With This Quirrell was surprisingly fun to write, even if it's not something Harry focuses on!

Thanks again for reading!

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