Subject: Jenni I've got your number, I need to make you mine --Jacques, probably
Posted on: 2023-01-28 23:38:21 UTC

Oh yeah, Quirrell's the one actually doing any investigating of these two and Lockhart is just strutting around telling people they're on the job! Honestly, their buddy cop comedy potential is just through the roof. And yeah, Lockhart's like me as a teacher; I also give out points for everything because it's hard to convince the kids to raise their hands in class! Though I like to think I know more about my subject matter than Lockhart does about his...

Draco not noticing the Real Power of Friendship while he's busy trying to one-up Ron :'D

You will see why Myrtle's down there eventually. (I'm kinda tempted to show you a handy-dandy backstory piece I posted on fail_fandomanon a while back, but I think I want to see your reactions without the weight of dramatic irony, so I'll give it to you after all's said and revealed.) As for throwing things--Peeves is a poltergeist and he can throw things, so I guess I gave Myrtle some poltergeisty elements? That being said, poltergeists aren't really ghosts. So I'm going say that I'm using SPN rules of "ghosts can move things if they think hard enough about it", and most Hogwarts ghosts are content to drift along. Maybe the Fat Friar moves some cups once in a while but it's just too much effort!

Re: Dobby: you'll just have to wait and see, I guess!

Hermione in this fic is Black; Lavender is not. So one of your theories is right, and one is not!

Thank you for reading!

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