Subject: re: crossover
Posted on: 2023-01-19 13:59:47 UTC

This is surprisingly sweet, for a story where a Yeerk gains access to someone’s brain! I loved the part where Estril got to experience the sensation of sight for the first time. All the feelings and sensations, and the almost addicting, demanding sensation . . . I like that Estril has that moment of understanding why so many Yeerks went along with galactic conquest, but still keeps their desires in check and doesn’t take control of Julian. It’s cute how well the two of them are able to get along inside Julian’s head, too. Animorphs gave so little screen time to the willing Controllers, it’s not always easy to imagine what it would be like for a Yeerk and Controller to exist on friendly terms together. But I like the way you portrayed it, with Julian being a thoughtful little daydreamer who doesn’t mind letting someone else do the physical actions so he can just ponder things . . . not that I’m envious, or anything!

I only know Young Wizards through osmosis from other boarders, so I (think I) understand that a bad Yeerk would never have been made a wizard in the first place, but the idea of a Yeerk infesting an existing wizard is pretty terrifying—not only from individual Controllers suddenly becoming spellcasters, but also from gaining the knowledge of how to find other wizards. Although, perhaps a host’s magic wouldn’t work for a Yeerk? Does the wizard themself have to be willing the spell with their mind, no substitutions?

A little continuity error: Julian says, “. . . people are getting taken over by alien brain parasites?!” before Estril has explained how Yeerk parasitism works, so he shouldn’t actually know about the brain part yet! Also, you’ve got “Karadona rays,” when it’s actually “Kandrona rays.”

—you got doctorlit leafing through Animorphs novels again, you tricksy Hobbit, you!

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