Subject: re: re: crossover
Posted on: 2023-01-20 04:23:30 UTC

First off, thanks for the thorough read! (and catching the continuity error)

Second off, *corrals the mini-Taxxon, who also made an appearance back in Chapter 1*

Third, oh no how terrible I did something that led you to opening a book. how could I do such a thing.

Now, as to the crossover mechanics questions:

  • The Yeerks, as of Animorphs canon, are pretty thoroughly aligned with the Lone Power (in Young Wizards terms) and so an offer of wizardry was the sort of thing that had to be made extremely carefully.
  • As to an existing wizard becoming a Controller, that would be pretty bad. We don't want Yeerks with the power to tinker the universe. Fortunately, said wizards likely have a good number of ways to avoid being infested (invisibility and teleports are good escape methods, after all), and, worst case scenario, the Powers can feed a "here's how to make the Yeerk wrapped your brain be somewhere else / disappear / ... just by thinking about it" directly to the new Controller's brain.

I'm also glad you liked my portrayal of the voluntary Controller situation!

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