Subject: Does knowledge = ability? And, can Yeerks force creativity?
Posted on: 2023-01-21 00:52:22 UTC

I can read numbers. I know that complex mathematics are possible. I can even see on paper how equations are constructed. Ask me to solve a complex equation or construct my own, and I will laugh, 'cause my brain didn't come with the facility to do that. Or, from another angle, I understand the concept of basketball and might even be able to get a ball through a hoop sometimes, from a limited range, but expecting me to play basketball is doomed to fail in uncoordinated misery when I run into another player or trip over my own feet or fumble so spectacularly the ball somehow ends up in my own side's basket. {= )

... The latter angle aligns with what you said about a Yeerk only being able to draw on the knowledge already memorized by the wizard, I think.

Maybe the question to ask is how fine a Yeerk's control of its host really is. If a Yeerk inhabits an artist, for instance, can a Yeerk exercising complete physical control of the artist make them paint something in the artist's style? Or, because the Yeerk itself is not an artist, would exercising complete control over the artist result in something that fails to resemble the artist's style, and is instead in the Yeerk's?

Does the Yeerk rather need to utilize compulsion, and make the artist feel the urge to paint, then sit back and let it happen? It would know the instant the artist conceived the notion of painting "help" and could put a stop to it before it happened, so there'd be little risk involved. But, if the artist resists the compulsion, or follows it by deliberately doing bad art, how much can the Yeerk really do about it?

There's no question that a Yeerk can exercise fine control over a person's language and speech faculties, but is that enough to let them compose poetry?

I actually don't remember any instances of Yeerks attempting to replicate things that require creativity in canon, so I'm really curious!


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