Subject: This is a counterpoint spell, High Wizardry-class.
Posted on: 2023-01-20 22:15:44 UTC

In "High", Dairine creates an entire planet full of wizards. It is made explicit in the discussion that follows that only the Motherboard actually took the Oath - all the others were just given wizardry at creation.

Granted that was an unusual situation, but so is this. Yeerks can access everything their host knows, right? Then a Yeerk in a wizard knows how to use wizardry. The fact that they got it illicitly doesn't change that.

There may be provisions for the Powers to withdraw wizardry from someone willingly using it for evil ends. It's definitely implied, maybe stated outright - but on the flip side, overshadowing exists. If everything is a choice, then you can be a wizard and willingly submit to the Lone One - even if you pretend to yourself you haven't. And that doesn't qualify for revocation. So how can we be sure this would?


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