Subject: You've got a point
Posted on: 2023-01-21 04:45:40 UTC

(and I'll say this is both very interesting discussion and a question I don't expect to see myself addressing in my fic, so)

One other thing I thought of (which think I came off of Nesh's point) is that while a wizard-Controller could be rough in terms of knowledge being passed to the Yeerks, there's a solid chance they wouldn't be able to do any wizardry without persuading their host to go with it. As I recall, casting a spell generally requires some intent to do so, so even if you got puppeted through all the words and diagrams and what not, it wouldn't actually do anything unless you wanted the spell could go through.

Or I might be off-base there, I'd have to go digging through books to check for that sort of thing.

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