Subject: Tangentially related...
Posted on: 2023-01-21 23:33:57 UTC

As I am quite familiar with crossover shenanigans, I couldn't help but think about how Animorphs would interact with Puella Magi Madoka Magica,

In particular: would a Yeerk actually be able to control a Puella Magi's body? For those unaware, a Puella Magi's soul and consciousness is extracted from her body and stored inside her Soul Gem (which sort-of-acts, and is disguised as her transformation trinket) - basically, they get turned into liches and if the Soul Gem and body get past a certain distance from each other the link fails and the body flatlines.

As such, what woudl happen? Yeerk and Soul Gem constantly fighting for control? The Yeerk would fail to override the link as it is implied to no longer require a functional brain to control the body? (In fact, Homura likely did blow a chunk of her brain off during Rebellion with little to no ill effect to herself.). The Yeerk would override, only to suddenly get a dead body if they forget to take the Soul Gem with them?

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