Subject: I [hit the Enter key prematurely!]
Posted on: 2023-01-20 18:39:55 UTC


I think I come down on the side of "a person cannot be forced to do Wizardry." There's that one line, "magic does not live in the unwilling soul," or something very similar. A Yeerk might force you to make a spell circle and even say words in the Speech, but they can't make you want to do magic. I think a forced spell without the wizard's will behind it would be likely to fizzle out. The Yeerk would have to persuade you to do it... and then you'd have a chance to persuade them back; see hS's comments. {= )

Also, worst-case scenario, you can give up your wizardry and forget that magic even exists. It's something no one would choose to do except as a last resort, but it's an option. If it were done not because you rejected the gift, but as a sacrifice to prevent an atrocity, I think the Powers might even give you a second chance if you got free.


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