Subject: re: questions at the end of de-tour
Posted on: 2023-02-19 20:13:24 UTC

So, I had to refresh myself on Tom Riddle’s family history, as I had apparently forgotten a lot of it . . . In canon, Marvolo Gaunt is the name of Riddle’s maternal grandfather, and Riddle killed his own paternal father, then charmed Morfin to take credit for that. So, first question: is the “Lord Gaunt” on the Wizengamot the grandfather, or Tom Riddle/Voldemort himself, taking his ancestor’s name? And second, gosh. Assuming the situation with Morfin is the same as in canon, that would mean Riddle is the one who killed his father . . . but does that mean he also killed Myrtle? When they were such good friends in that earlier memory? That’s hard for me to wrap my head around. Was he just faking the friendship? But then, why act so antagonistically towards Abraxus?

Aw man, of course Hagrid and Aragog are still getting scapegoated. A little harder sell this time, though! Spiders feed by draining fluids from their victims, which would presumably leave a human body kind of dried out after a giant spider fed on them. For Myrtle to have “practically nothing left of her,” a spider’s mandibles are entirely the wrong sort of mouth to have caused that level of damage. But of course, it’s the Wizarding World, and no one is going to listen to the protests of a half-giant . . .

—doctorlit can’t imagine how Myrtle’s parents must feel, sending their daughter off to a magic school only for her to wind up mysteriously disappearing, and then later dead . . .

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