Subject: I think the addition of the blood bond plays into it.
Posted on: 2023-03-21 01:55:44 UTC

Because they had to get a Severance before their legendary duel, the bond itself isn't secret anymore after all these years. Additionally, the bond itself probably would've lent itself to a different confrontation with Ariana: since Grindelwald and Albus were united in running away and couldn't really fight one another because of the bond, the confrontation with Aberforth was more 2v1 than a 3-way duel. Grindelwald and Aberforth blame each other, while Albus still blames himself regardless of whether or not his spell was the one that killed Ariana.

That means there's a different dirty secret surrounding this relationship with Grindelwald that Dumbledore is carrying, when he tells Harry about how being led astray by love is an incredibly human experience. :P It might be easy to guess it if you pay attention to the Grindelwald storyline and the situation in Europe in contrast with Britain, but the reveal will come in 7th year!

Thanks for reading! I'm glad you like how the world feels despite the darker setting. :)

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