Subject: ...don't call me up 'cause I can't go, I owe my hair to the ways of old...
Posted on: 2023-03-23 01:48:04 UTC

Yeah, a bit of fridge horror for the posh Finch-Fletchleys. I think Eton is a lot safer than Hogwarts, for sure.

Yes, Dobby is freed! And now he and Lily get to Unionise All the Elves! -plays Solidarity Forever-

Lishy and Limsy are actually references to Suedom--Fishywishylishiel and Arintalerthirialimsilira. Just a bit of an Easter egg there :'D

Poor Myrtle indeed. And as promised, the... bonus? It's just more heartbreak, honestly. You don't have to read it :P

Yep! Two new teachers! Lupin and........a special agent ;)

I'm glad you like the kids getting along. We're trying to go for a more organic house unity :P

Thank you for reading, and yes, year 3 is called the Terrors of the Past because... well, you'll see!

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