Subject: The first to rise is the first to cark it!
Posted on: 2023-03-06 23:04:27 UTC

Haha, yes, poor Myrtle! I mean, in the books, Riddle used the basilisk to kill her--though jury's out on how deliberate that was. This is definitely a lot more personal, though, and I hope it tells you something about the kind of politician Lord Gaunt is.

I don't know if I intended the juxtaposition, but if it's funny, good!

According to the Purityworld worldbuilding, the strongest Pureblood swear is "Mordred the Betrayer". So Ron's still using the curses like how a lot of folks who don't necessarily grow up with Christianity still say stuff like "Jesus" and "oh my god".

Thanks for catching the redundancy! The mystery will be solved next chapter ;)

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