Subject: answers from de-tour guide!
Posted on: 2023-02-20 00:22:21 UTC

So, first question: is the “Lord Gaunt” on the Wizengamot the grandfather, or Tom Riddle/Voldemort himself, taking his ancestor’s name?

The latter. He literally "den[ied] [his] father and refuse[d] [his] name", to quote Shakespeare.

And second, gosh. Assuming the situation with Morfin is the same as in canon, that would mean Riddle is the one who killed his father . . . but does that mean he also killed Myrtle? When they were such good friends in that earlier memory?


That’s hard for me to wrap my head around. Was he just faking the friendship?


But then, why act so antagonistically towards Abraxus?

Some people, when given an opportunity to become the bully, seize it with two hands. Just look at the TERF-who-shall-not-be-named!

Of course Hagrid isn't guilty. We'll see more about this in future chapters! Thanks for reading!

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