Subject: re: ch. 15 birds, in five Whomping Willow-trees
Posted on: 2023-03-19 20:48:43 UTC

Man, I don’t know if my empathy is broken or what, but I still feel bad for Astoria, even after this chapter, with what she tried to do to Hermione. Her actions are awful, but she’s still an eleven-year-old in chronic pain, raised with delusions that she could fix her illness through harmful ritual instead of medical treatment . . . poor thing. She needs some major psychological help, in the immediate future.

Lockhart, on the other hand . . . drops Lockhart in the compost pile at work He was seriously willing to let Hermione get killed just to get a juicier plot for his novel? To say nothing of the fact that he apparently got overpowered by the same eleven-year-old twice. And that’s not getting into that COMMENT he makes after his mind is wiped. Ugh. Just. I’m glad he’s met with the same fate as his canon self, though I would have been plenty happy seeing accidentally dropped off of every available rooftop in Hogsmeade, consecutively.

Oof, Quirrell has developed a most unfortunate track record for getting involved with the villains’ plots so far. Maybe in this timeline, the Dark Arts position is cursed, not to see a new teacher every year, but for the teacher to get in harm’s way due to some awful person every year. Then again, this Quirrell still has a pretty decent track record compared to the original, what with the whole “continuing to draw breath” deal, so he shouldn’t complain too much! I mean, at the very least, he can’t complain right now anyway, since his mouth got vanished.

—doctorlit is sorry for making two Hobbit references in a row, but there aren’t a lot of number references to made in the mid-teens

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