Subject: re: ch. 16 tons, and what do you get?
Posted on: 2023-03-22 12:38:04 UTC

Ooof, that reaction Justin’s parents had to Azkaban . . . It’s something that’s never addressed in canon, but yeah: after discovering the world of fantastical magic their children are being welcomed into, how do Muggle parents handle the revelation that wizard prison engages in psychological torture through soul-eating monsters? Or that dragons, giant spiders, and other predators are real? Or that there’s a secret cult of wizard supremacists who will absolutely take over the Muggle world if ever given the chance? Wizard society is so blasé about that stuff, but the Muggle parents must dread their kids leaving every year, once they find out some of the darker elements . . .

You had me worried there, when the Malfoys walked out of the headmaster’s office without Harry somehow, uh, socking it to them? But I’m glad Dobby still winds up freed, and will be appearing as the grizzled veteran against Lily Potter’s plucky newbie in their upcoming police procedural. Together, they fight crime! Feels weird for “Potter house-elves” to even be a thing, but it makes sense in this timeline, and I’m glad they’ve been hanging out in Hogwarts all this time.

Poor Myrtle! The canon version was more angry-sad, but this one is just . . . depressed-sad. I desperately want to reach into this story and strangle Gaunt . . . Myrtle deserved so much better . . .

I’m a bit sad to see Quirrell go! It was nice, seeing him get a chance to just hang around as a person, rather than just being a one-story twist villain. But I also recognize he’s maybe a bit tricky for you to write, since we don’t see much of him in canon. Oh, well. Two new teachers next year!

Okay, that last handful of paragraphs is just so nice, seeing all the kids get along with each other. Pansy Parkinson hanging out with Harry and Ginny! Zabini and Nott laughing along with Harry! Goyle giving sincere thanks over his glasses revelation! It’s just nice. I like when everybody can be friends!

“Terrors of the Past,” eh? ;_;

—doctorlit had entirely forgotten what the entrance to the Hogwarts kitchens was like, and he does NOT thank you for reminding him

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