Subject: Hat off, requesting some more info.
Posted on: 2023-02-20 07:30:04 UTC

Me: Oh, a Permission Giver should probably check on that.
Also me: Oh, I'm a Permission Giver!

Anyway, I'd like a bit more context about the chosen continua as the backgrounds for your agents as well as the badfic. The Gryphon Generation, from a cursory glance at Google and Goodreads, seems to be set in the contemporary U.S. with humans and gryphons side-by-side? Is the genetic engineering Gryphon thing a global phenomenon in-universe? Can you only be a bird native to your country? As for Frederick, what continuum is the Eagleverse? It does sound like they're both from sci-fi continua, but one more space sci-fi than the other.

Part of the reason I'm asking this is because the control prompt of the two getting to know each other feels a little cursory. I get the sense that Zenzile doesn't like humans and is... acting very rude about it, which is a little ironic given her berserker button being related to bigotry. We were just getting into the interesting parts of the conversation about Frederick not knowing where South Africa is, and then the console BEEPs! I know that's typical of HQ, but I feel like... in order to get a better sense of the two's impending dynamic, I would've liked to see more of that conversation, and with a little more showing, not telling. It might also be helpful to pick one agent's POV and stick to it, since you dive between both of their thoughts sometimes. Then, for example, we can really experience what it's like to be in HQ from the perspective of a gryphon... human-sized doors, door handles not accommodating of talons... idk, go nuts!

I did like the sardonic observations made by Zenzile about HQ, those are pretty classic HQ. The coleslaw line was funny, too. I don't want to outright say granted or denied since this is purely my observations based on your writing and not your activity or demonstrated knowledge of the PPC, so... take some time and maybe give us a little bit more of the control prompt scene. Give us a meatier introduction to your agents and their dynamic, and we can go from there.

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