Subject: Something like 90 percent of the fic is plagiarized from one of the WoF books…
Posted on: 2023-02-23 03:47:05 UTC

Most of the fic from what I've seen is, word for word, exactly the same as Moon Rising, besides weird typographical errors like two characters speaking in the same paragraph and such, as well as adjustments made to accomodate the Sue and the occasional added lines or paragraphs to facilitate wangst, romance, etc.

As for whether it's old enough, I want to wait for Neshomeh's input, since she brought up fic age in the first place. Wings of Fire is a more modern series (the first book was published in 2012; the most recent book in the series came out last year), so finding an older badfic could be tricky, but it isn't impossible.

I could also spork a fic from a different fandom, but I'd prefer sporking a Wings of Fire fic for my first mission, since I know both the canon and the fandom like the back of my hand. A badfic from a different canon is an option, though.

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