Subject: Again, thanks for the advice!
Posted on: 2023-02-22 22:21:22 UTC

I'll think about how I can expand/rewrite the original prompt in a way that really shows off the prickly character interactions, then. I enjoy reading about character conflict in stories, so I'll be giving it a lot of thought. This is good! I like thinking about how I can improve my writing.

And thanks for the tip on humor, I'll definitely check it out. For me, humor is one of those concepts where I understand the execution but find the ideas difficult to grasp. My humor is mostly, "Well, I find it funny, so maybe other people will find it funny, too," although I do understand that humor can be quite subjective.

On a sort-of related note, I found a possible fic I could spork. It was first published in 2017 and last updated in 2019, so I'm not sure if it fits the five-year guideline, but it is bad. There is rampant plagiarization of canon, but with an OC shoved into the story who, surprise surprise, is a canon's twin sister, but runty and trajeck. The Sue steals her sister's lines and interactions with other canons, pulls the canons around her OOC (Carnelian's the most blatant example, but there's also Winter-bashing and Qibli acting less suspicious than his canonical self), and has a contradictory "personality" where she's standing up to an angry dragon one moment and crying the next; in a given moment she basically does whatever's most convenient or most trajeck for her. Oh, and there's bad grammar (even in the plagiarized bits) and obtrusive in-text author's notes, the most obnoxious of which was the one that said the author changed Qibli's eye color because they liked it better that way. And I've only read the first ten chapters so far, but I do want to get through the whole thing before I start sporking it.

Edit: Whoops, forgot the link. The badfic can be found here.

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