Subject: Some things I follow:
Posted on: 2020-09-24 13:33:50 UTC

Storied, produced by PBS has two series I enjoy. "It's Lit!" discusses various topics relating to literature, reading and the history of books. "Monstrum" examines the legends of various mythological and folkloric monsters, and looks for the historical and social reasons they developed into what we know today. (The latter series often has violent imagery due to monsters being monsters, and is not safe for FourMoons more often than not.)

Thinklings Books is a small speculative fiction publisher. Aside from plugging their published novels, there's a series on their channel where one of their founders talks about writing, and sometimes shares short stories as examples of what she's teaching. (She also happens to be . . . either Agent Jeanlily or Agent Twain, I forget which one, but definitely a former Boarder!)

TierZoo examines the physical and behavioral traits of animals through the lens of "What if nature was a complex MMO role-playing game?" It definitely suffers a bit from using overly "Melvin" language, but it's still an interesting way to think about why species have the traits they do, and what practical survival benefits they glean from those traits. (This series uses a lot of footage of animals hunting, so also largely not safe for FourMoons.)

—doctorlit, becoming a YouTube addict due to his work schedule

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