Subject: Some of my favourites...
Posted on: 2020-09-28 16:35:17 UTC

So first up, if you like Tom Scott's normal style of videos (like me) then I'd recommend The Tim Traveller although he does do more railway related stuff than Tom, it's definitely very interesting tidbits of information about (mostly) Europe.

Secondly, Matt Gray has a second channel called Will It Soft Serve in which he has a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine that he bought off E-bay and instead of putting in Ice Cream Mix he instead puts in other liquid-y stuff, it uploads weekly but is well worth a watch. Some of the things he has tried to Soft Serve include: Guacamole, Chicken Soup, Pesto and Tea (being British and all), did they Soft Serve? Well I'm not telling you that one.

Moving on, for those who like/are interested in Rocket League, I'm generally keeping up to date with Lethamyr's stuff, ex-pro (and ex-coach) turned content creator very good and funny videos all done at a really high level and some of the maps he's created/shown off have to be seen to be believed.

Finally if you're into shooting non-lethal things at other people (or just watching it) then I'd recommend watching Barker Paintball montage's never looked so good. Only thing is it might be NSFW, most rude bits are beeped out but some do make it in. Still very funny though.


P.S Almost forgot, watch marbles race: it might sound silly and like something no one would ever do, but it's brilliant and fun and they even got Formula E in on the act during lockdown. Watch it!

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