Subject: My Recs
Posted on: 2020-10-27 00:36:02 UTC

WeedleTwineedle is a very good competitive Pokemon player and makes the most original movesets I've ever seen (physical Alakazam? You'd never see THAT out on the ladder without WeedleTwineedle playing it first.)

Happy Appy is a series produced by multiple YouTubers wherein the eponymous apple puppet does all sorts of crazy, disturbing things - they usually follow the creepypasta of the same name, but some "episodes" are of typical kids' show things turned into horrific stuff (Happy's Birthday and Happy in Space by Magic Productions being two examples of this.) If you don't get scared easily and like obscure creepypastas, I'd suggest this.

Reddit videos are pretty good, KCC does some of the best in the revenge subreddits (which are amazingly good stories - don't mess with people, you'll never know what you'll get for it.)

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