Subject: Silv gushes over her interests: the post
Posted on: 2020-09-24 17:10:39 UTC

Oh look, an opportunity to talk about things I like that I haven't been able to talk about a lot! I'll try and refrain from repeating channels other people have recced, but know I'm a fan of STRANGE AEONS as well.

Overly Sarcastic Productions has two content creators, Red and Blue, and a myriad of series from discussion of tropes in writing to recaps of myths from all over the world to history, all incredibly funny and informative. Also there's shitpost videos sometimes. 10/10 highly recommend, learning has never been so fun.

ColeyDoesThings has an incredibly humorous long-running series that very accurately encapsulates fandoms, as well as videos specifically about fanfiction that exist to call you out :D.

Bernadette Banner. Sometimes you just want to sit down and watch incredibly well shot videos about a polite but sassy woman hand sewing everything sewing historical clothes. There's a running joke in her comments section that people who the algorithm has no business recommending her videos to end up finding them and they staying enraptured.

Binging with Babish is excellent for learning about cooking and getting recipes, but the main series that made him popular is recreating foods from media. Especially the weird ones. Also he's known for taking zero shortcuts - at one point he got an actual pizza oven for a video.

Terrible Writing Advice is exactly what it says on the tin. It's a channel with hilarious parody videos about writing advice, which in all honestly are just as good as actual videos about writing advice since they outline what to avoid, not just what to do. Also there's been a longstanding meta-plot at the end of his videos and I need to catch up on that.

Dominic Noble, formerly known as The Dom (rebranded for obvious reasons), is a review channel and is most well known for the series where he compares books to their movie adaptations, and very specifically his reviews of 50 Shades. He's also in the middle of a series on Twilight.

chuggaaconroy is a let's player who as of now has forty-four comprehensive 100% guides for various Nintendo games, plus one he's just started on, as well as thirty-four co-lab LPs on a secondary channel called TheRunawayGuys (disclaimer: while Chugga's channel is generally family-friendly, plus-or-minus accidental or purposeful, though usually not overbearing, innuendos, TRG do not shy away from swearing last I checked). He's incredibly cheerful and genuine in his love for the games he plays, and his videos have a reputation for being incredibly high quality. Also, he's known for his over-the-top reactions and frankly ridiculous luck. Chugga was the first youtuber I'd started following way back when and even now, while not every LP of his catches and holds my attention (though that could be a me thing), those that do are a joy from start to finish even if I never even touch the game he's playing.

That's all for now, but I'm sure I haven't remembered every channel I'd want to rec. If I do, I guess I'll add more.

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