Subject: Dimension 20 is some quality stuff
Posted on: 2020-09-24 18:57:07 UTC

Probably my best Youtube rec is for a show called Dimension 20. It's similar to Critical Role in concept, what with recording D&D sessions, but D20 features actors and improv artists as well as some truly impressive battlemaps and minis. In addition, D20 episodes clock in around two hours rather than Critical Role's customary three.

Up on YouTube for free are two seasons of D20, the first season of Fantasy High and the sidequest Escape From The Bloodkeep. Right now, the channel is in the process of adding an additional season, The Unsleeping City, for which they are releasing a new episode for free every week. Most of the content is avaliable on Dropout, another streeaming platform, but the stuff that is avaliable for free on Youtube is top notch.

Fantasy high was the first ever season of Dimension 20, and it's sort of a high school/suburban fantasy with both hilarious and hearbreaking moments.

Escape From The Bloodkeep was the first sidequest from D20 (for context, a "sidequest" is an arc that does not feature the main cast) and is a little shorter than Fantasy High. It took me a while to watch this one fully, but the cast is great and the characters are quite lovable, even while being the top generals and counselors for basically Sauron (they did have to change the names to keep from copyright issues, but the vibes are very much there).

I'm happy to discuss D20 further with anybody, and I highly reccomend it to everyone! (although there are sometimes NSFW concepts and language, it is a wonderful channel)

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