Subject: Alright, here goes nothing!
Posted on: 2020-10-17 14:27:53 UTC

One thing I've been watching lately is Battle For Dream Island. It's an elimination-centric gameshow-style animation series where twenty animate inanimate objects duke it out in contests to avoid getting voted off by the viewers and make it to the end, where, hopefully, they'll win a dream island resort. While it does start out rather childish (it was made by two kids after all), even the first season is decently-written with good characterization, and it gets better as the show goes on (although some of the latest episodes feel kinda lackluster). There are technically four seasons, but the second season sputtered out after ten episodes and the third only got one, so it's not as much to watch. It also inspired leagues and leagues of similar "object shows" that I haven't watched – maybe you can check them out.

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