Subject: My two cents
Posted on: 2020-09-25 15:41:10 UTC

I've really gotten into restoration and DIY channels during the quarantine, so my recs will mostly tend towards that.

Baumgartner Restoration is easily one of my all-time favorite channels: videos from a fine art conservator who regularly works on incredibly old and beautiful paintings, and narrates the restoration process in a chill, accessible way. Also, the comment section really amuses me - the usual Youtube comment section is on par with an on-fire garbage can, but his fans usually squee about him using Belgian linen for the tacking edges and sweeping the scraped-off dust towards the camera, which he does pretty often. He also has ASMR versions of a lot of his videos, and sometimes I like to mute the video completely and put on my favorite music. You wouldn't believe how soothing it is to watch someone wash off decades of dust and grit from a painting, especially with some good music on.

宝創るちゃんねるATENALES is a restoration channel dedicated to repairing old kitchenware, paper lanterns, railway lights and basically anything you can think of, usually so old and rusty that you'd believe them beyond repair. Again, it's an incredibly soothing sight.

Hanabira工房 isn't a restoration channel, but it's one of the most wholesome things I've ever found on Youtube. They're a miniature and diorama builder who creates incredibly intricate and absolutely adorable miniature dollhouses and dioramas that look 100% like the real thing, except really, really tiny. You wouldn't believe the amount of work that goes into something like this, but they make it look effortless and so very heartwarming to watch, with soothing music and gorgeous image quality.

Brows Held High, on the other hand, is a video essay/review channel whose main focus is art house cinema. It's exactly as delightfully pretentious as that sounds, but Kyle Kallgren, the host, is a very thoughtful and insightful analyst who also happens to be incredibly funny. I really miss his older, more comedic material, but the reformed Brows Held High balances out deep analysis and funny commentary very well, and offers some really interesting perspectives on things like Shakespeare adaptations and controversial cinema. It's a real treat for any cinema nerd.

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