Subject: Let's see...
Posted on: 2020-10-01 18:57:39 UTC

No links, because I'm at work, but I'll try to remember channel names as accurately as possible.

First, seconding the rec for Alfabusa if you're at all into Warhammer 40k. I've also been enjoying the WarHams series of game casts, which involve several contributors to the TTS series playing a campaign set in the TTS universe, with all the nonsense and shenanigans that implies. The videos are long (~3 hours each), but they stay on task very well, so no time is wasted on off-topic rambling. It's a nice accompaniment to doing laundry or something like that. I recently remembered that I own grownup coloring books and colored pencils to use while listening, too.

On to my personal recs:

BigCatDerek, featuring the Walk Around the Compound webcast at CARE Rescue (the address for which I will always remember thanks to the musical jingle at the end of every cast), a big cat sanctuary in Texas. I like seeing the tigers and other cats, all of which are very well cared for, and I like listening to Derek ramble about nerdy things or current events or whatever pops into his head. It's just nice.

Three doctors, if you're curious about medical things and like watching Real X Reacting to Relevant Y:

  • Mama Doctor Jones - obstetrician/gynecologist.
  • Doctor Mike - family physician.
  • Dr. Hope's Sick Notes - British GP (I think).

Bondi Vet, for medical things plus animals (though sadly it seems they aren't allowed to show surgical procedures anymore, thanks to YouTube deeming such things unfit for children). The main show is filmed in Australia and, in addition to the titular Bondi vet, also features Steve Irwin's spiritual successor. Vet on the Hill is in England (but features an Aussie vet).

Dominic Noble - Lost in Adaptation. Looks at and critiques book-to-movie adaptations. One of the most fair-minded critics on the Internet, IMO, but doesn't hesitate to rip into things that truly deserve it, like 50 Shades. Also he has a cat called Sir Terry (as in Pratchett) who sometimes features in outtakes. {= D

Hello Future Me - Writing tips and literary analysis of popular media such as The Lord of the Rings, Avatar: The Last Airbender, How to Train Your Dragon and much more. Good stuff.

Jill Bearup - movie and TV fight scene breakdowns by a stage combat performer. Also other stuff, but I haven't investigated further yet. She waffles on a little bit sometimes, but I like learning to look at things in new ways, and she helps me do that.

Passion of the Nerd - Episode guides for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and more recently Firefly, including synopsis and analysis. Whatever his personal flaws, Joss Whedon's works were inspiring and influential and worth studying (and at least he's not currently spewing transphobic rhetoric all over the place, unlike She Who Shall Not Be Named—and btw the next Fantastic Beasts can go jump in a lake).

Ahem. Where was I?

Randomly, pretty much any con video featuring John Barrowman or the main cast of Supernatural. These people never fail to entertain. And that, I think, is a fine note to end on.


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