Subject: CPP?
Posted on: 2020-11-10 11:44:08 UTC

Is this... this sounds like an alternate-multiverse PPC which is actually nice instead of a bunch of sociopaths, and would view our PPC as the dark Mirror Multiverse version of their own. Is that correct?

Because that would be really cool and is actually not a concept that's been explored before! The known alternate multiverses are almost all Suvian-killers, so this would be an exciting, next-level development in Multiverse Theory! The only possible non-killer alt-PPC is the Solarpunk Guarden, which never got far enough to tell; if the CPP is what I've described, the Guardens would stand in the same position relative to them as the Steampunk TCDA do to us.

[Note: The Rose diagrams don't include the Jaycaciaverse/Badficverse, which may or may not exist; they also don't include the High School AUniverse, which I think exists only in an unpublished scribble. The latter could potentially be another CPP-alt, since High School AUs don't typically involve murder.]

Obviously it's still an if, but as a theoretical multiversal physicist, 'if's are my stock in trade. So: this could indicate that the Rose of the linked paper is actually only one of a string of Roses - a Multiversal Garden, if you will. But it seems difficult to come up with any other themes: you're either solving the fanfic problem destructively or constructively, there's not really other options. So perhaps it's more like a globe, with our PPC being the 'dark hemisphere' and the CPP and Guarden on the 'light side'.

Though that begs the question, what is the Mirror Multiverse? Since they are pro-Suvian, unlike the other PPCs, is there a pro-Suvian CPP version? Is there a Steampunk EPC and a Solarpunk... er, Suvian CPP? Are there in fact two globes, each with a light and a dark half, one anti-Suvian, the other pro-Suvian?

My head is spiralling wildly here. I should probably wait until I know whether the evidence for this model actually exists before diving any deeper. ^_^


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