Subject: Oh that's fun!
Posted on: 2020-11-13 09:56:12 UTC

I toyed with a similar idea (it's AU PPCs, I'm always toying with ideas) but from an internal perspective: the Eternal PPC, where every 30 years or so a fanfic-protection organisation arises. The later stages of the theory held the 'Volatile Multiverse' is actually just an alternate timeline where the '80s fanzine PPC never got superceded. I still quite like the idea - it's neat (pressing most of the PPC AUs back into two multiverses - four, with the CPP in play), and it opens up a lot of opportunities for backstory ("yeah, I came over from the Fanzine PPC when it folded") and gap-filling ("Little Women" has Dickens fanfic in it!).

I've also directly prodded 'alternate PPC writers' at least twice, with the Board for the Appreciation of the TCDA and the Army for Protecting the Stage Worlds. It's fun! I vote you design a dodgy '70s PPC fanzine. ^_^


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