Subject: I mean, it can be.
Posted on: 2020-11-10 21:25:42 UTC

Although logicking Sues might not be... nice, per se?

Like, they don't actually kill Sues. Not normally. They just fix them so they can be a normal OC... or at least try. That is always the first thing they do. They always try to convert the Sue into at least a hireable agent and, at most, a constructive OC. But I was planning (although this could be thrown out, since this is still very much in baby steps) on having a "fail" possibility where the Sue ceases to exist and, despite the Sunflower Mathematician (which, now that I'm thinking about it, is much nicer than the Sunflower Official) asking (not commanding) agents not to cry, they usually do.

And the reason why they have to shove logic code everywhere is because the Sue is now a good OC, but still exists, meaning the canon is still "broken" until it's fixed. Heck, in the guidebook (which I need to write lol.) it states that mind wiping tools are only a last resort and to not use them if they can logic the world to normal.

Heck, 1 and 2 ranking Sues don't actually bend the world that much, meaning they can, in fact, be hired. So, I suppose that it is, since it doesn't kill Sues, it just fixes them to have flaws.

If this were, as you said, a true "nice" universe (I'm not for sure if it is now... IDK) then the PPC could be seen as similar but opposite. Like an inverse but not necessarily a dark mirror verse. An inverse that logicks things to good and not kill people. Not try and be bad guys, just people that say "Okay, we need to fix this world a little bit, as the Sue did mess up the tree color equation enough for the generic material to be glitter, but not that much."

My mind had thought of CPP being a minor inverse of PPC, but, instead of working with the words and always killing Sues (well, almost always), they would work with numbers (which are kinda the opposite of words) and not kill Sues.

As for a mirror verse? Maybe they mess up the logic in the world instead of fixing them.

Heck, maybe a true mirror inverse of CPP is the Mirror!PPC and visa versa (the mirror inverse of PPC is Mirror!CPP).

Sorry if that sounds like gobbledygook. This actually makes me want to make the world more really now.

-Kittyauthor, who now wants to make this world more real now.

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