Subject: To quickly answer your answer...
Posted on: 2020-11-13 09:41:05 UTC

... I wasn't proposing that the PPC actually attack! ^_^ The Flowers would never go for it/be bothered - I mean, they haven't even tried to take out the EPC, which has actually invaded HQ a time or two! But it's the sort of idea the more paranoid agents might float about.

(Also, trans-multiverse travel is by all accounts hard. Imogene and company actually collided two multiverses rather than go to the bother of hopping between them, and in Doctor Who canon, crossing to an alternate multiverse almost killed the TARDIS.)

When I'm writing about alternate PPCs, I generally credit the person who created the AU - that'd be you, in this case. I do that even when a later writer has done far more to flesh it out - an obvious example would be the TCDA, which I credit to Pieguy despite him writing one story to my 15+.


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