Subject: I mean...
Posted on: 2020-11-11 14:01:13 UTC

I didn't do too much world building, so I could scrap the whole thing. I'd hate to, but if it is too perfect...

I felt there were flaws in it, but they might be too miniscule to matter. Like, they aren't perfect (cough Dr. Burner is a grump cough) and they don't necessarily run super smoothly by any means (missions can still fail and I was debating on whether or not Sues sometimes had to be killed) and there'll still be odd pairs and, well, people who'd rather kill the Sue outright, but I wasn't really aiming per se towards a nice or perfect or pure evil or anything. I just wanted a world where logic of the canon was what everyone went by. If a Sue broke the logic too much, then they had to be "fixed" in some way.

Like I told hS, this thing is still in baby steps, so it won't be too harsh to destroy it, nor anything (besides the base of logic over words and the funny stuff that comes with that I.e. not knowing when a scene shift is coming) is set in stone. Heck, I will even wager over O'Ryan being the head of something is not set in stone. It might be set in the dirt, but dirt can be dug out.

If it's really that bad...

TL;DR: CPP can be destroyed if it is too perfect, but, besides logic over words, it isn't really set in stone yet.

-Kittyauthor, who feel bad about this whole thing now and will need more time on the worldbuilding aspect of it, but can share what they wrote down at first with everyone if that's alright.

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