Subject: To continue what you were saying, hS
Posted on: 2020-11-11 16:34:33 UTC

And when the PPC looks closer at the society, looking closer at what they actually do, they could, in fact, term it as torture and perhaps (just maybe) think that they are better than the CPP, since they cross moral boundaries and the PPC just kills the Sues outright.

And, in a reverse fold, the CPP can think of themselves as morally better than the PPC because they don't kill people. They never really wanted to kill people, they just want to point out what's wrong and fix it. But, isn't that the same thing as what the PPC does?

Also also, they (CPP) do believe that logic governs life but not necessarily one's thoughts or actions. Sure, numbers can say a lot about a person, like the likelihood of doing x action in a percentage, but they can't really predict the future of said person. They can tell you the present (I.E. in Sues, the equations can say how much they are bending the canon through the broken equations in/around them) and the past (backstory, if established) but not the future. That is why their canon catalogues of equations need to be updated after every new "official" fiction comes out. That's why scene changes catch them off guard. They can't predict the future, of themselves or the fic.

Which brings me back to a question hS asked:

Should we, in fact, act first, get in the first strike? &c &c Or are they just a bunch of saps who refuse to kill because they'd get too weepy about it?

If PPC does act first, then I'm in trouble because my idea gets destroyed the CPP has no way of predicting this. They have no way of knowing ahead of time that the PPC will attack, but, after the minor arc of Spoilers for the arc, the CPP could know about the PPC's antics and, possibly, prepare for a possible attack. Likewise, the PPC could know about the CPP and prepare to attack since it crosses moral boundaries.

But if the PPC attacks, would that be an Emergency? Didn't we vow not to do those for a while?

And, significantly less important, if anything would be written in the CPP 'verse, who should we credit? Just the normal PPC? The entire council of people here? Or should it not be credited at all, just be something we came up with that we wove into the PPC lore?

-Kittyauthor, who needs to think about this and get back to everyone on the world building.

Edit, because I somehow missed something important:

And if you'll just let it see your equations for a moment, it's sure it can convince you... >:D

That sounds like something Dr. Burner would do if she was tired of your cough fuvg and your complaints, she saw, were invalid. Considering she was a scientist in her home verse, she has odd morals.

But, yeah, the Sunflower Mathematician probably would do that... maybe...


((But yeah. He/it could totally do that :P. I might steal that idea.))

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